A Whaling By Mermen (anomalon) wrote in nuad_thai,
A Whaling By Mermen

Intoductory Gentle Generic

Feet: 10 minutes
Legs: 20 minutes:
Arms: 10 minutes
Hands: 10 minutes
Abdomen: 5 minutes
Shoulders: 10 minutes
Back: 25 minutes
Head, Neck, Face: 20 minutes
Stretching: 10 minutes

The IGG massage is very basic. It stimulates the energy lines and tests the flexibility of the receiver. I like to have a standard routine for first-time clients, giving them an overview of Thai Massage and offering me the maximum amount of information about their sensitivities and mobility. Giving the same massage to all new clients allows their feedback to be relevant to their unique perception of the experience. Once I am more familiar with their particular needs and desires, I can introduce more advanced technique.
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